A glass vessel sink commands attention. It’s the kind of bathroom fixture that’s unexpected, elegant, and likely to spark conversation among your guests. We’ve installed dozens of glass vessel sinks throughout the years, and we have always been impressed with how they bring together a space. Here are a few examples of glass sinks we’ve installed that have added an elegant and eclectic touch to our clients’ bathrooms.


1. A glass vessel sink is a modern design element for a bathroom, but this example (from bathroom #67) shows that a glass sink can fit in other bathroom design styles. This bathroom includes a classic wood vanity cabinet paired with a clean white countertop. The sink itself is textured and round, and the sink has a triangular base that makes it different and chic.


2. Glass vessel sinks are often thought of as eclectic, and this example (from bathroom #33) is about as eclectic as it gets. The wall-mounted sink is made almost entirely of glass and chrome. The slight green tint matches the mosaic tile backsplash, and the entire piece stands out in this small bathroom space.


3. Here’s another example of a more traditional bathroom that incorporated a clean looking glass vessel sink (in bathroom #10). This clear glass is not at all textured, so the sink blends with the countertop, making an elegant design statement.


4. Perhaps most people go with a glass sink because they’d like to inspire awe, and this leaf-shaped sink does exactly that (in bathroom #128). This particular sink is a one-of-a-kind handmade sink that was colored green with dark green streaks to emulate the look and feel of a leaf. The lighting shines through this piece adding an interesting green glow to the countertop.

We install all types of sinks in our client’s bathrooms, and our in-depth design meeting helps us work with each and every client so we can find out if a glass sink is right for your preferences and needs. Check out the rest of our bathroom designs, and feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about our all-inclusive design build process.