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Since 2000, we’ve been the bathroom remodeler local homeowners choose because of a stress-free, all-inclusive process. Our products, materials, and service are of the highest quality and we have a long list of successfully completed bathroom remodels.

Customers choose us for Marina Del Ray bathroom renovation because of our:

  • Step by step planning, design, and construction process with expert guidance from start to finish.
  • Full-time trained designers and construction contractors, with no subcontractors, so you know exactly who will show up at your door.
  • Recognition by leading publications and media, including EntrepreneurAngie’s ListHouzzRemodeling Magazine, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
  • Clean and orderly process that minimizes disruption and customer’s concern for their safety and security.
  • Guaranteed pricing set at the start of the project, which includes all materials and permits.
  • Use of top-quality materials from suppliers, brands, and trade partners we’ve been working with for many years.
  • Complete materials and workmanship warranty.

During the planning phase, we will determine exactly what date the construction phase will start. Whether it is one week or another pre-determined timeframe, we stick to our schedule. If there are any delays, for any reason, we will pay you $100 for each day we exceed our deadline.

All contractors are trained in-house to ensure they adhere to the strictest quality standards. Each job site is clean and orderly. Customers can therefore remain in their home during the work and go about life with minimal disruption. Our team handles every aspect of the process from design to materials selection, installation, to permitting and warrantying.

Communication is another benefit customers can expect from our contractors. Homeowners are informed on progress every step of the way, and if there are any delays. The Marina Del Rey bathroom remodeling experience is therefore positive and stress free, which makes us unlike any other bathroom renovation contractors.

Our Process

simple process has been established to help customers who are unfamiliar with bathroom remodeling. There are many decisions to be made. That doesn’t mean you are destined to be overwhelmed and make less than ideal choices. This is what we’re here for, and our five-step process is designed to make things as easy as possible.

  • Step 1: Contact our Design Coordinator to discuss your requirements and the specifics of our process.
  • Step 2: Submit our Project Questionnaire to describe all your needs and goals, so our design team can proceed accordingly.
  • Step 3: A 30-minute phone consultation with our bathroom designer in Marina Del Rey is set up; the scope of your project, style, and preferences will be discussed, and we’ll get a general idea of the required budget.
  • Step 4: An important stage in which our designer visits your home with a mobile showroom. Your personal style and present décor will be accounted for to determine an overall design along with the most appropriate furnishings, vanities, paint colors, and more. A complete product list and guaranteed price will be presented in a formal contract.
  • Step 5: A start date is scheduled, and construction will begin. Each project is carefully managed or organized, so you can expect a fast, stress-free transformation with satisfying, lasting results.

Full Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

At One Week Bath, product and material acquisition and delivery are managed by industry professionals. You don’t have to be burdened with time-consuming steps or the over 100 decisions that need to be made. All the items required to complete the renovation will be there when needed. Your dedicated team of contractors will help you with:


Every bathroom needs storage. Cabinets don’t only need to be convenient storage areas for towels, toilet paper, toiletries, and accessories. Get the most out of vertical space to save space or choose open-shelved cabinets with baskets and attractive jars to stick with the trends. If you want to store items out of sight, choose a cabinet that is rustic or modern, sets into the wall, or installs above the sink. In-cabinet lighting and custom colors are available as well.


The sink is a major fixture and must go with your bathroom décor. Our designer will help you select from the latest styles and trends. If you have a small space, we can find stylish corner sinks. Other options include wall-mounted, vanity top, pedestal, and console sinks with matching hardware, drain, and faucet options to complete the installation.


Bathroom showers come in various configurations. Whether an alcove or corner shower fits best, or you could benefit from a single-wall or tub surround shower, installers will provide what you need. You’ll even receive help choosing shower heads, faucets, and accessories as well as sliding, pivot, and fixed shower doors.


The bathtub is typically the largest installation in a bathroom and it needs to fit. Choose a shower/bathtub combo, alcove tub, or drop-in bathtub; a corner or freestanding bathtub to meet your space requirements; or walk-in unit to meet any special needs. Bathroom contractors can install tubs with various designs and functions, configured to fit your space exactly.


A countertop can have a drastic impact on the look of your bathroom. Options include laminate, glass, travertine, marble, quartz, and granite. Each has its own unique advantages and stylistic aspects, while solid surface vanity tops are resistant to water damage and staining and hold up to a lot of use. Choosing the right one means understanding all the benefits (our designer can go over them all), your budget, and the overall style of your bathroom.


Tile is the preferred material for shower walls, floors, and showers. The choices are nearly endless and range from glass tile to mosaic designs and there are many colors, styles, patterns, and textures to pick from. Tile can go a long way in defining your bathroom’s look. You can create a water-resistant barrier or an accent wall.


The toilet is a must-have for any bathroom. But there is a vast array of choices, including different sized and shaped toilets and those with smart features like heated seats, automatic flush, and remote-control flush. Distance from the wall, height, and configurations are factors to consider, whether you choose a standard toilet, wall-hung unit, or a toilet-bidet combo.


Bathroom mirrors are available in a virtually limitless selection of shapes, styles, and frames in a multitude of colors, patterns, and textures. You can choose a mirror that goes with a modern or traditional style room or mix and match styles. In any case, the mirror can add dimension and style that no other addition can.

Types of Bathroom Designs in Marina Del Ray

  • Modern: Highly organized with an emphasis on function. The color palette is neutral, mixed with basic geometry, texture, and glass, chrome, concrete, and other industrial materials. Common elements include granite countertops, concrete flooring, chrome fixtures, wall-mounted sinks, and lacquered wood cabinets.
  • Transitional: Also neutral in color, with a reliance on traditional finishes and textures. Transitional bathrooms have few decorative elements but have a timeless appeal. Balance is created by mixing straight lines with curves, while modern tile designs are often applied.
  • Traditional: A simple color palette is highlighted by warm tones. Reflective of a traditional American style, this type of design features bronze or brushed nickel accents. Tile flooring and granite countertops are typical of this type of style as well.
  • Contemporary: Modern and elegant, a contemporary bathroom is rich with flowing curves and geometric patterns, yet there’s an angular element to this design too. Homeowners often employ innovative ideas and creative layouts and storage ideas to get an up-to-date feel.
  • Eclectic: The anything-goes approach to bathroom design. Color palettes, styles, and periods vary and can be mixed, although a neutral backdrop can help your accents stand out. Design expertise can help make mixed design elements and art pieces come together just right.
  • Vintage: Inspired by a romantic old-world style, vintage style can make your bathroom look natural and weathered yet rich with botanical highlights. A painted/decorated large vanity is often the centerpiece, as can be a roll top footed bathtub, with weathered metal and wicker accents.
  • Universal Design: Provides usability for someone with physical disabilities or limitations and is suited for an age-in-place design. At the same time, a universal design doesn’t compromise on function or style. It can also be combined with elements of any other design style.
  • Spa: Oversized showers, halogen lighting with dimmers, and foliage can create an environment where you can feel relaxed and rejuvenated. With the right design, you can feel at home with nature and experience a calming effect like no other bathroom design provides.

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