People often turn to local shops for their bathroom cabinets because they believe that a local custom shop may be able to create cabinets that more completely meet their needs. This isn’t always the case and so there are many reasons to consider a nationally branded semi-custom manufactured cabinet solution. For example, manufactured bathroom cabinets are factory-built. This insures a level of consistency in quality and construction.  While a local cabinet company may be able to provide a warranty, the question will be: How long with that shop be in business? Most high quality Manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on all glides, hinges, construction and finishes. These warranties are backed by a solid company that has been around for some time. Since cabinets are a product that is intended to be used for a long time, your cabinetry will be covered should anything ever go wrong with it.


Often, client inaccurately believe that a manufactured cabinet limits choice and size. Nothing could be further from the truth. The “right” cabinet company will be what we call, Semi-Custom. This means that the cabinets are made for YOUR project. They can be modified to fit space and design needs. Custom color and finishes are also available.

Other benefits of factory-made cabinets include:

Better Quality Finish

The finish of a bathroom cabinet can be made highly durable via factory chemical baking and other high quality finishing processes. Cabinet surfaces are therefore more fully protected from water or any liquid stains.  In addition, consider the environment the product is being made in. The finishing process occurs in a dedicated zone, similar to an auto finishing booth. Often time local companies cannot use products that are more durable due to environmental requirements. Most factories are set up in locations where these chemicals can be contained and are allowed. Positive airflow keeps the cabinet dust-free during production, while humidity control allows for optimal moisture content in the wood.

Our experience is that smaller companies often don’t properly cure the material, which reduces surface quality and durability. They do their best to keep the dust down but without a significant investment in equipment, the process can fall short. Substandard equipment such as hand paint sprayers and orbital hand sanders are used, which don’t yield the same durability and consistency.

Top Quality Materials

A cabinet manufacturing company that offers a Lifetime Warranty MUST use the highest quality plywood and hardwoods. No cutting corners here.  Manufacturers are very diligent in measuring the moisture content in the wood before it is used. Indoor humidity is constantly monitored in a controlled environment as well. Often, local shops will not produce their own cabinet doors. They will purchase them from a “specialty door company”. This creates a potential area of disconnect and may result in quality issues that the local shop cannot manage.

Reliable Delivery 

National Manufacturers typically run a very efficient and accurate schedule. They’ve worked through the “manufacturing” piece and are more reliably able to predict delivery date. They can typically guarantee a delivery date and meet that date with certainty. A larger company has resources and a full workforce is available to handle orders. Often, if you order from a small local shop and an employee or the owner becomes ill or unable to fulfill your request, delivery may be significantly delayed. There are some fantastic local shops but they are typically Owner operated.

Best Bathroom Cabinets

One Week Bath is The Bathroom Remodeling Company that customers trust for quality workmanship, products, and materials. Our teams are skilled in the installation of many brands of cabinetry. We are Dealers of Strasser Woodenworks, Medallion, Medallion’s Bath Silhouettes line of customizable furniture and Designcraft Brands. This means we can purchase the best products at dealer price points, saving the client money while bringing the best quality to the job.  Each cabinet is made for the project and not sitting on a shelf somewhere. The cabinets can be modified to meet almost any need and space. Custom finishes and colors are also available.  All cabinets have soft close doors and drawers as well as solid wood faces. Finally, there are solid plywood box options available if the client prefers that over standard high grade furniture board. Cabinets are made from a wide range of American hardwoods (including maple, oak, hickory and cherry), with different color and grain patterns.

For help selecting the best manufactured bathroom cabinets for your remodel, and to set up an in-home consultation, contact One Week Bath at 888-374-0622 today. Or, you can request a quote by submitting a form on our website.