Why would anybody want to do a curbless shower or a zero curbed shower where you just slide from the bathroom right into the shower?


A lot of people think that it’s a safer solution if you’re a little older and it’s harder to get into the shower.  You can actually build a pretty low curb, just a few inches, and still meet code requirements with a standard drain system. With a simple grab bar on the wall, it would be easy for the average person to get into the shower. The reality is that if you are confined to a wheelchair and you have to roll into the shower, you’re going to have to have a very large bathroom that is completely tailored to your needs. This is more rare than not.

curbless shower bathroom


There is a very strong stylistic reason for doing a curbless shower, which is that people often love the modern look of running those large 12 x 24 rectangular tiles straight down the bathroom into the shower. Typically, in a shower you need a tile that’s small enough that you can pitch it to the central drain. You can’t use the larger tiles in the shower unless you get rid of the curb completely and use what we call a linear drain.

The linear drain will be installed at the back or the end of the shower and then those tiles can go straight on into the shower and the glass can just drop directly on to the tile. It’s a beautiful modern look and absolutely functional, although there may be some water that could end up on your bathroom floor.

modern curbless shower


If you’re looking for a modern look, then a curbless shower is definitely the way to go. There is a cost implication to it. Certainly, if you’re on a slab situation or concrete floor, you’re going to be busting up concrete to install this linear drain and slope to that drain. That can cost thousands. If you are on a raised foundation, or subfloor, it’s a little bit simpler but typically this installation can cost a premium of well over a thousand dollars on top of the standard shower drain situation.

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