One of the latest trends in bathroom design that is here to stay: vessel sinks.

When choosing a style of sink for your bathroom remodel, you have more than a handful to choose from: countertop or undercounter, pedestal or wall-mount, tile-in, vanity mount, or vessel.  For a long time, the most common style of bathroom sinks were countertop and undercounter sinks which are mounted in a way that allows the sink basin to be sunken into the cabinetry. Vessel sinks, which give the appearance of a bowl set on top of a counter, have been rising in popularity in recent years. And we can understand why!

Vessel sinks provide a great opportunity to add style and a unique focal point to your bathroom design. They are available in a wide variety of  materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.You can choose from glass, ceramic, stone, copper, or porcelain; just to name a few. One of our favorites that we’ve installed is this river rock boulder sink made by Eden Bath.

Things to keep in mind when considering a vessel sink:

Counter Height – Since access to the sink will be higher than that of a sink set into a counter top, you’ll want to consider lowering the height of your vanity.

Plumbing Fixtures – The plumbing associated with a vessel sink will also be different than that of a standard sink. You will need to choose a faucet specifically made for this type of sink. Since the height and shape of a vessel sink is typically different than a standard sink, it’s important to make sure that the stream of water flowing from the faucet hits the basin in the right place to avoid water splashing and that the height of the faucet is tall enough to clear the edge of the bowl.

What do you think of this bathroom design trend? What style of sink do you prefer?