Thinking about remodeling your bathroom to create a more accessible space or to update your current style?  Consider a curbless shower.


“Although most people who are interested in installing curbless showers in their bathrooms are doing so for accessibility reasons, we love them for their style as well,” says Debby Allmon, One Week Bath Kansas City Design Specialist.

“The seamless height and material transitions between the bathroom floor and shower look more spacious and provide a very stylish look. Add frameless shower doors and the results are absolutely stunning!”

For your universal design or accessibility needs, curbless showers allow easier access for people who are wheelchair bound or have limited mobility. By eliminating the transition in height and material between the floor and the shower, we create a safer alternative to regular showers and tubs. “Installing a curbless shower also makes bathroom spaces feel more open, spacious, and spa-like” Allmon says.


A great example of one of our curbless shower and universal design installation can be found here: The Headland Project.

One common concern with curbless shower design and installation is that there will be an issue of water leaking out of the shower. By installing specialized shower pans, drainage, and waterproofing, we prevent this from happening; keeping all of the water right where it belongs.

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