For this Transformation Tuesday, we’re looking at a job from 2006 in which we remodeled an outdated master bathroom to a modern style that still looks current ten years later. The client wanted to get rid of outdated features that made the bathroom look cluttered and busy. We simplified the space by removing unnecessary elements and utilizing a sleeker layout.


One significant aspect of our design process is choosing a cohesive color scheme. This color scheme influences how we choose the vanity, tile, paint, and nearly every detail in the bathroom. This client wanted neutral colors throughout the space, and we incorporated black and white in the smaller details of the bathroom to add some contrast to this look.


You can see in this photo that we switched from a wall-to-wall floating vanity with farmhouse sinks to a free-standing vanity with a single vessel sink. The free-standing vanity opened up some space on either side to install towel racks on the walls. We chose a simple but bold black vanity with a white countertop. Since the homeowner hardly used the chair to prepare for the day, she was very pleased to remove it and opt for a smaller, simpler vanity in this space.


The shower in this bathroom received a major overhaul. The homeowner revealed that she almost never used her bathtub. We suggested that she remove it entirely and instead install this oversized walk-in shower. The small tiles in the old shower were far too busy for a modern design, so we choose larger beige tiles and went with sleek chrome fixtures. Focusing on a modern design, we chose frameless shower glass and a pull out door, creating a more open space.


The second sink in this space was also underused, so we suggested a single vessel sink. She added her own zebra towels both on the towel racks and under the sink. These towels add a stylish touch to the simple space.

Check out the full gallery of this bathroom design (bathroom #2) for more inspiration about how you might be able to remodel your bathroom.

As you can see, our designers use a tremendous amount of thought, knowledge, and expertise when designing a bathroom that matches our clients’ needs. We consider over a hundred decisions that all add up to create a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful. If you’re located in Southern California, and you are interested in seeing how we could transform your bathroom in just one week, contact us so we can make your dream bathroom a reality.