For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we’re examining how we added a very contemporary style to this medium-sized master bathroom in a Los Angeles townhouse. This client came to us wanting a calming mood and a modern design in this bathroom so that he could have a more relaxing place to start and end his day. Our designer Sarah Keane worked with the client to decide on sleek modern elements, and she also used some clever details to link the entire look together and create a very calming environment.


In this first shot you can see how we used a wainscoting throughout the entire bath that sits at countertop height. This wainscoting wall tile topped with a glass mosaic liner allows every element of the space to flow together creating a very cohesive feel to the entire bathroom. The rectangular glass tiles all sit horizontally, resulting in a more calming effect in this contemporary bathroom design.


Tiled countertops have a more traditional style that didn’t jive with the client’s tastes, so we replaced that counter with a large rectangular slab of light colored quartz. This rectangular shape mimics the shapes throughout the rest of the bathroom creating a more cohesive look. The undermount sink in the updated bathroom comes off as more sleek and contemporary while simultaneously allowing for easier cleaning of the counter top area. You can also see here that we replaced the vanity cabinets with one that has a cherry finish and long sleek nickel handles that feel much more modern than before.


We continued the glass tile mosaic liner throughout the shower to link these elements together, and we continued using large horizontal rectangular tiles on the shower walls to accentuate that soothing aesthetic that’s apparent throughout the rest of the space. The new chrome fixtures also bring the bathroom up to date adding a contemporary aspect to the shower.


Here you can see how we updated from a round toilet to a more rectangular toilet that utilizes hard edges on the base and on the tank. These match the hard edges found through the rest of this bath, contributing to a more modern sleek aesthetic.

These four quick shots give a good idea of how this bathroom turned out. Check out the full gallery of this bathroom design and others for more inspiration about how you might be able to remodel your bathroom.

As you can see, our designers use a tremendous amount of thought, knowledge, and expertise when designing a bathroom that matches our clients’ needs. We consider over a hundred decisions that all add up to create a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful. If you’re located in Southern California, and you are interested in seeing how we could transform your bathroom in just one week, contact us so we can give you more information.