For this Transformation Tuesday, we’re taking a look back at this guest bathroom where we made some big changes to a small space. This client brought us a bathroom with two common problems: not enough storage, and not enough style and personality. As we dug a bit deeper, the client expressed that he wanted the style of his bathroom to be nature oriented and more contemporary. He also expressed that he really didn’t need two sinks, which opened up some creative options for our designer and founder Matt Plaskoff to re-imagine the purpose and function of this space.


One of the main goals of this space was to make the entire bathroom more contemporary. As you can see in this first shot, the sink area, vanity cabinet, and shower were all redesigned with modern materials and a more contemporary color scheme. The dark vanity and light counter top is a more classic look, but the green vessel sink adds an eclectic modern touch. The glass mosaic liner along with the glass mosaic inset shelf make the shower feel much more current, especially since the black and white pattern contrasts so heavily with the beige shower tiles. The frameless glass shower door is another contemporary element that also makes the bathroom feel more spacious.


With any One Week Bath design, we aim to make the space functional. Since this guest bathroom didn’t need two sinks, we used that space to install a closet cabinet. This single change nearly doubled the storage in this bathroom, allowing the homeowner to use this area to store towels, toiletries, and other items neatly  away from view.


The homeowner wanted contemporary tile floors to extend throughout the shower and across the floors. These beige tiles contrast nicely with the dark vanity. Peek behind the toilet in this shot, and you’ll see that we removed part of the wall to open up the shower area. We also added a functional bench to the shower at the client’s request. This change makes the shower a more luxurious place to unwind after a long day.


In this last shot you can see a few simple details that were all inspired by nature. The eclectic green leaf vessel sink is paired with a waterfall-style faucet. Also, the open wall cupboard above the toilet is filled with seashells and starfish of all shapes and sizes. Those two nature-inspired elements add a stylish look to the contemporary bathroom, and together they contribute to an organic aesthetic that contrasts with the rigid shapes throughout the rest of the bathroom.

These four quick shots give a good idea of how this bathroom turned out. Check out the full gallery of this bathroom design (bathroom #128) for more inspiration about how you might be able to remodel your bathroom.

As you can see, our designers use a tremendous amount of thought, knowledge, and expertise when designing a bathroom that matches our clients’ needs. We consider over a hundred decisions that all add up to create a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful. If you’re located in Southern California, and you are interested in seeing how we could transform your bathroom in just one week, contact us so we can make your dream bathroom a reality.