How Do I Know My Remodel Will Cost What My Remodeler And I Agreed To?

The Problem

Only 67.6% of homeowners surveyed by Qualified Remodeler Magazine felt they were treated fairly with regards to cost.

The most common thing I hear when speaking with potential clients about budget is that the remodelers that they have spoken with simply say, “We can do the installation for X Dollars. Just let me know when you’ve figured out what you want and buy your product and we can get started.” There are so many challenges with that statement that I don’t even know where to begin.

Here is what typically happens:

The homeowner signs a contract for labor only or labor and “some” of the materials. Once the materials are finally selected, the remodeler exclaims, “Oh! That cabinet, tile or fixture is MUCH more difficult to install and so… we’ll have to charge you an extra $1,000.”

The homeowner makes assumptions about what products cost and once the final list is put together, the total significantly exceeds the amount expected.

An unclear scope with significant lack of detail is created and once into the project, the remodeler claims these details were “excluded” from the original budget.

The Solution

The key to managing a budget is to know exactly what you’re getting BEFORE you sign. The challenge is that most remodelers don’t work through selections with you.

At One Week Bath, we do something that is very unique. We:

Assist you in the Design and Selection of your bathroom products in one simple, in-home meeting.

Determine everything you will need for a complete bathroom remodeling project down to the robe hook BEFORE we sign an agreement.

Give you a price TO THE PENNY before you sign.

And…that’s why we’ve received the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s prestigious Contractor of the Year Award (COTY) and have been featured on CBS News, EXTRA TV, KTLA News and in the Los Angeles Times as well as numerous other publications.

We invite you to explore our website, read our client testimonials, browse the complete project gallery and read our informative blog articles which will provide you with the valuable information and insight you will need when searching for the right solution for your project. Or simply call us at 1-800-ONE-WEEK for your FREE No Obligation Consultation.

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