For this Transformation Tuesday, we’re taking a look at a vintage-style bathroom remodel on the top level of a Los Angeles home. The homeowner loved the shape and look of her bathroom, but she wanted to upgrade the fixtures and furniture while maintaining the vintage style. The eclectic shape and slanted walls add a great homey appearance, so we took advantage of these existing details and found ways to freshen up the space with delightful new furniture and fixtures.


The focal point of the entire room is this striking and elegant stained glass window that we used as inspiration for this redesign. The window adds a gorgeous natural glow to the room, illuminating the surrounding walls with an intriguing pattern of vivid hues. Borrowing from the pattern of this window, we chose a diagonal pattern for the flooring tile. We also used more neutral colors throughout the rest of the bathroom to keep the multi-colored window the main focus of the space.


You can see in this photo that we chose a stylish freestanding tub to replace the built in tiled bathtub and we tiled the wall with a functional wainscoting to protect the wall from water. The bathroom had textured walls before the remodel, but the homeowner was looking for a cleaner look for the room, so we eliminated the texture and chose a slightly darker beige color to contrast the new tile. This new freestanding tub accentuates the vintage style and elegantly complements the stained glass window.


The tile we used for the flooring also worked very well in the alcove shower. To add a bit of color, we added a three inch strip of tile that includes a diagonal orange tile to break up square pattern. This tile accent maintains the vintage style and adds some personality to the space. The frameless shower door in the new design opens up the space and makes the shower much more inviting.


The previous vanities had a great vintage style, but they had become outdated. To replace the tiled countertops and dual sinks, the homeowner chose a larger vanity with a larger countertop to stretch across the entire wall. We made the space more functional by centering the vessel sink with the mirror, and we added lighting on either side of the mirror to reduce glare and brighten up the space.

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As you can see, our designers use a tremendous amount of thought, knowledge, and expertise when designing a bathroom that matches our clients’ needs. We consider over a hundred decisions that all add up to create a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful. If you’re located in Southern California, and you are interested in seeing how we could transform your bathroom in just one week, contact us so we can make your dream bathroom a reality.