A large two-sink vanity with an expansive countertop and vast storage doesn’t work for every remodel. For certain homes, we approach guest bathrooms and small washrooms with a minimalistic approach, finding a small vanity to make a big impact, focusing on functionality and style over size and stature. The right small vanity can give off a cozy look that adds interest and allure while serving the purpose for the room.


This first example is a wall-to-wall vanity that’s only three feet wide. It’s one of the smallest vanities we’ve ever installed, but the shaker doors and mid-tone gray wood stain makes it a stylish addition to this washroom. The contemporary vanity is paired with a white granite countertop, and the textured white backsplash tiles add a homey look in this small space. The frameless mirror and the small decorations on the wall all contribute to the character of the space, making this washroom just as comfortable as the rest of the home.


This particular Asian-inspired bathroom incorporates a number of stylish details in a very small space, with the vanity being one of many. This vanity has 9 shaker cabinet doors, which adds to the detailed look of this space. The dark wood cabinets match the dark wood accents throughout the rest of the room, and the natural stone vessel sink complements the organic textures on the wainscoting and the bathmat. These colorful details all bring a natural look to this eclectic bath.


This vintage bathroom takes advantage of a very classic white color scheme, using subtle gray accents to bring the space together. The small vanity in this room has a classic undermount sink paired with a traditional three piece faucet. The shaker cabinet doors and brushed nickel pull knobs match the vintage style of this bathroom, helping the vanity act as a focal point for this small bathroom.


Our final small vanity example is a sleek floating vanity that takes advantage of a minimalistic, modern look. The flat-panel cabinet doors are paired with sleek chrome bar pulls. The black color of the cabinet contrasts the white and chrome colors throughout the space, and the white vessel sink adds an interesting look to this corner of the room. This modern design pairs well with the hard edges in the mirror, and the chrome towel rack complements the look in this room.

We always use our clients’ input when deciding how to redesign a space, and our in depth design meeting helps us work with each and every client so we can find out if a small vanity is right for your preferences and needs. Check out the rest of our bathroom designs, and feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about our all-inclusive design-build process.