Rate These Bathrooms: The Lighting Edition!

Glass Pendant | Bathroom LightingWhich Fixtures Do You Like Best?

A poorly-lit bathroom can be a frustrating space and anyone who stands in front of their bathroom mirror every morning to put on makeup or shave their face understands the importance of lighting.  We understand this too! Which is why lighting design is never an afterthought when we work with you to design your bathroom. Here are some of our favorite light fixtures, which is your favorite?

The glass pendant shown to the left is a great, stylish edition to a modern Los Angeles bathroom. The tiger-striped pendant give off a soft glow that adds extra ambiance and warmth to the small bathroom. Recessed lighting is also used to provide more functional light to the space.

Bathroom Lighting | One Week Bath Design Gallery #63Wall-mounted fixtures over the sink are a common and popular way to light up a bathroom; especially the area over the sink. The three-bulb fixture, such as the one pictured to the right, is popular in a variety of design styles from modern to traditional to vintage. These are also often used in conjunction with recessed lighting or additional sconces.

Bathroom Design Gallery | Bathroom #95 These side-mounted light fixtures are also great for adding effective, usable light to your bathroom. The use of frosted glass and the right bulbs prevents the space (and your face) from being completely washed out.

These three examples of course only scratch the surface of the lighting design possibilities for your bathroom. Visit the One Week Bath Facebook Page to see a full album of lighting fixtures.

What do you look for the most in bathroom lighting? Which of these styles of lights resonate most with your style?

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