Hi, it’s Matt Plaskoff from One Week Bath with another edition in our series of short videos on bathroom design, product selection, and bathroom remodeling. Today we’re going to talk about the pros and cons associated with installing a doorless shower in your bathroom.

A doorless, walk-in, or curbless shower offers some advantages that traditional shower stalls lack. Before you decide to do this, there are some factors you need to consider. Below are some pros and cons that go along with this particular bathroom feature.


Pros of Curbless Showers

  • The most glaring pro about having a walk-in shower is that it’s luxurious. A doorless shower can bring a modern, lavish look to your bathroom.
  • Doorless showers offer accessibility! This is a growing trend among older homeowners. A walk-in shower without a glass barrier or threshold makes the bathroom more accessible for people of all ages and different levels of mobility, and can often be a less expensive option. Leaving off the glass door can significantly reduce the cost of installation. However, a curbless, walk-in shower will typically be more expensive due to the specialty drain and the tile work needed to create the curbless layout. One option to save a bit of money on this option, is to install the doorless shower, but have a tiny lip or curb. This will allow you to forego the pricey specialty drain that is needed for curbless showers.
  • A convenient feature of a doorless shower is that it won’t conflict with the entry door to the bathroom. If you configure it properly, you will avoid any conflict between the shower door and the door leading into the bathroom. By installing a doorless shower, you will create the illusion of more space because you can open up the structure of the room with this design. The usable square footage will increase because you don’t need to work around the tub, while the lack of a door offers the illusion of more space.


Cons of Walk-in Showers

The cons of a walk-in shower are mostly spacial. A proper doorless shower requires a certain amount of space to ensure that water doesn’t end up everywhere. In a small bathroom, even with correctly oriented showerheads, a sloped floor, AND a perfectly designed drainage system, there’s still going to be a little bit of water on the floor with splashing.

It also creates a lack of privacy. A clear glass door or shield will provide some privacy because the water droplets and steam can obstruct the view, but the whole point of a doorless is to create an open feeling. However, choosing a frosted or designer option on the door isn’t always the first choice because it takes away from the intended effect. We have built some walk-in showers that aren’t glass and are simply just a tiled wall between you and the rest of the bathroom. If your room is large enough this can be a great option too!


You might get a little chilly. One of the benefits of a shower enclosure is that the air flow is controlled and you keep the warmth trapped in the shower. Doorless showers don’t offer the same benefits. So, if you run cold, not having a door on the shower could be a challenge for you.

Before you decide to build a doorless, walk-in shower be sure that you contemplate the pros and cons and make the right decision for your space. Please, check out our additional videos on YouTube and on our website and be sure to follow us on social media and thanks for watching!