Many of you already know about our commitment to building custom bathrooms that accommodate people’s needs as we age. Our growing experience in this area has allowed us to develop a unique specialty that addresses the very important topic: How should our remodeling plans change as we get older?

What Exactly is Age in Place?

Age in place bathroom design is the retrofitting of home or in this case – a bathroom, to be able to provide safety and ease of use as the inhabitants grow older and require different needs from common household elements like sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, handles, racks and storage. Age in place design also accounts for safety, making ones home and bathroom safe and functional as we or our family members grow older in our home. Age in place bathrooms do not need to be institutional, they can be custom designed and built with style to be warm and comfortable for all users.

Common Fixtures and Safety Aides Associated with Universal Design

Here are some of the basics to consider:

  • Grab Bars – installed in showers, next to toilets, sinks, and countertops to assist in stability and reduce the risk of falling.
  • Shower benches – provide safety and comfort while in the shower.
  • Roll-in showers and walk-in tubs: help to reduce the risk of slips and trips
  • Rounded corners – easier to navigate around in a wheelchair and reduces the risk of injury from sharp edges
  • High-rise toilets – provide easier access for people who need to transition to the toilet from a wheelchair
  • Lowered countertops – easier to reach from a seated position

If you have any questions or comments about universal design or age in place construction and remodeling, we’d love to hear your ideas or feedback. Thank you for reading this article – we appreciate your patronage, ideas and comments.

Matt Plaskoff