For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we’re looking at a traditional style bathroom we remodeled in the Los Angeles area. The homeowner wanted to switch from a beachy style bathroom to a more traditional style room that incorporated natural stone and classic-looking furniture and fixtures. During the in-home design meeting, our designer noticed the gorgeous natural light in this space, and she incorporated lighter colors and glossy materials to complement this illuminating aspect of the room.


This photo showcases the natural stone both in the countertops and in the tiling. The dark granite countertop and the white marble tile add beautiful textures to this space. The glossy finish on these surfaces helps to accentuate the lighting and the marbled tile contributes to the traditional look of this space.


The original bathroom had a wall-to-wall vanity with a white ceramic tile countertop and yellow-tinted cabinet doors. The tiled countertop made the vanity area look far too busy, and the yellow cabinet doors also added a more cluttered look to the space. The homeowner opted for a simpler look in the remodel, taking advantage of single-piece dark granite countertops and clean white cabinet doors. The freestanding vanities and hanging wall mirrors opened up the look of this bathroom while also adding to the traditional style.


The shower in this bathroom received a major makeover. The new look takes advantage of the traditional style by incorporating classic looking marble tile with traditional chrome plumbing fixtures. The white marble tile stretches from floor to ceiling, adding an illustrious and grand look to the shower. The chrome fixtures match the new chrome curtain bar, and the black and white mosaic liner adds a visual anchor point in the shower space.


This final shot of the bathroom shows a few of the elements that remained consistent throughout remodeling. The light blue wall paint contributed a soothing look to this room, and the homeowner wanted to keep that color for the walls. The homeowner also decided to keep a piece of wall art to add a punch of color in this corner of the room. We installed a new water-efficient toilet that matched the traditional style, and you can see the how the white marble tile helps to make the space look cleaner and more updated.

As you can see, our designers use a tremendous amount of thought, knowledge, and expertise when designing a bathroom that matches our clients’ needs. We consider over a hundred decisions that all add up to create a bathroom that is as functional as it is beautiful. If you’re located in Southern California, and you are interested in seeing how we could transform your bathroom in just one week, contact us so we can make your dream bathroom a reality.