Meet Our Design Coordinator - Kiera Jackson - One Week Bath

Meet our Design Coordinator

Kiera Jackson

A lot of work goes into creating a beautiful and functional design. This is especially true when it comes to bathrooms because there are a lot of technical considerations that must be taken into account. This is where our Design Coordinators come into play. The Design Coordinators are tasked with the important function of precisely measuring the space and creating CAD drawings that are used to order all the materials and custom cabinetry. It may sound simple, but this craft requires a high level of attention to detail and education.

That is where Kiera comes in. Kiera assists our Designers on each in-home consultation and has a great eye for style. Having been with the company for nearly two years, Kiera has been involved in creating hundreds of designs and hundreds of happy clients. Kiera is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Interior Design. Her passion for design stems from years of watching design and remodeling shows on television. Seeing the incredible transformations of spaces inspired her to be a part of this industry. Creating spaces that people can find joy in is a constant motivator for Kiera to expand her knowledge of design and remodeling.

Kiera’s favorite things in today’s bathrooms are wood-look porcelain tiles, hexagon mosaics, and the simplicity of bright chrome fixtures. Timeless design is something that Kiera considers in all of her client recommendations. By creating designs that will look beautiful for years to come and that maintain their function into the future, Kiera is building a design reputation that our clients treasure.

Kiera says, “To me, it is most important to create a space that the client feels good in. Design is about the person and the realities of how they live. Creating an attractive but meaningful environment, that functions and is faithful to the clients taste and not just doing what’s “ in “ for the moment.”


Douglas R Jackson says

MARCH 28, 2019 AT 3:31 PM

Kiera, Your work, design and attention to detail are the best. I’ve always known you were incredible. You’ve had a passion for this since the 3rd grade! Keep up the great work. One week bath is lucky to have you. Matt, Brian, and all the others staff at One Week Bath are an incredible asset to any new or prospective client. Anyone looking for the best company, craftsmanship, design and the best people can find it right here at One Week Bath.

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