LOU toilet seat Back in June, we introduced you to “The iPod of Litter Boxes.” The ModKat brings an incredible new design to an old, boring, unappreciated product: the litter box. Well, the creators of ModKat and founders of ModProducts, Brett Teper and Rich Williams, are at it again! They’ve taken yet another conventional design that we all take for granted and put a new spin on it.

We now introduce you to LOU The Toilet Seat, whose tagline, “Stylish and Considerate,” couldn’t ring more true!

LOU comes in two forms. You can choose the “standard” seat or you can choose one with a kid’s seat built in.

Teper and Williams have considered all of the little details that are usually cause for common toilet seat complaints:

  1. “Why doesn’t anyone put the seat down?!” – You don’t have the be the nag anymore! LOU reminds its users to do just that! On the underside of the seat, you will find a friendly little speech bubble that says: “CLOSE ME.” Of course, LOU can’t guarantee that anyone will listen…but we think it’s the thought that counts.
  2. “Eeew, I don’t’ want to touch the seat!” – Now you don’t have to. LOU includes a seat lift component so that your clean little fingers can stay that way.
  3. “I wish I could just potty train my kids on the actual toilet” – Yep, you guessed it, LOU makes this possible too! Skip the bulky contraptions and head straight to the toilet. The kid’s seat option allows you to lift a smaller, secondary lid within the adult seat lid.
  4. “That is cold!” – made of silicone and plastic, LOU tends to stay a bit warmer than porcelain.
  5. “SHHHHHHH” – Of course, LOU also addresses the all-too-common loud slamming of the lid and seat with a slow, quiet, gentle alternative.

Brilliant, right?

All this brilliance aside, seeing this new product begs the question: are people really willing or wanting to give up the plain-ol-boring-ol toilet seat? Are we too accustomed to the “real thing” to make the switch?

What do you think of this new approach to the toilet seat?