Matt & Magic Johnson.jpegA little known fact about One Week Bath founder, Matt Plaskoff, is that he used to play in a basketball camp. But not just any basketball camp – Magic Johnson’s basketball camp.

While Matt and Magic haven’t seen each other in years, our crew is currently remodeling the bathroom of Magic’s friend and jeweler, YoYo. We have loved working with her, and she loves us too! We found this special note of appreciation this morning:


YoYo Bathroom Note

I told “Magic” I had three magnificent bathroom craftsmen redesigning my beat-up, 80 year old bathroom, and that I wanted to do something very special for them. Magic said, “Give me their names”. I said in my crazy, curly head… Jose: Funny, always early; David: Sweet, always willing to please, and never says “we can’t do that”; Jesse: Dog lover, protector, crazy generous; Robert: High energy, not shy, nice, funny, loves dog; Brian: Caring, goes beyond and beyond – for me, really?; Dilan: You’re faster than UPS!!! I can honestly say with all my <3 I love & appreciate you, you, you, you & you! – YoYo

Magic and Yoyo

YoYo told Magic about her bathroom remodeling experience. He remembered Matt after seeing his picture, and decided to do something nice for our guys by giving them all signed basketballs.

Thank for showing us love, YoYo. We hope your new bathroom never loses its “magic”, and that you enjoy it for many years to come!