How To Create A Luxurious Bathroom In Any Size Space

Any bathroom can be a luxury bathroom. It isn’t about having a 500 square foot bathroom, it’s about creating a space with quality materials that makes you feel luxurious. Whether you like an Asian inspired spa bathroom or a Fairmont replica, there are ways to incorporate luxury into a normal size bathroom.

Create a luxury spa bathroom with a river rock shower and copper soaking tub. River rock can be used on different surfaces… Using them on your shower floor not only looks great, but massages your feet while you are in there. They can be used as a back splash to bring some of that spa feeling to the sink area. We wouldn’t suggest using them as your counter top, unless you find very flat stones, as your drinking glass may not stay upright. Copper soaking tubs create a feeling of Zen. Imagine soaking in your deep tub, candles lit, music playing lightly in the background… Ahhhhhh.

Recreating a luxury hotel bathroom is another way to bring luxury to your bathroom. White or light grey walls, a clear glass shower enclosure and detailed tile design create a feeling of old style extravagance. Towel warmers at the ready to great you after you step out of the shower is a small touch that goes a long way on a chilly morning.  Marble, glass and chrome will whisk you away to a 5-star resort; all you need is the monogrammed towels!

Creativity brings another aspect of luxury to the table. Some bathrooms from the past were just designed strangely. This gives you the opportunity to do something truly different! Whether it is using colored glass to create segmented spaces within one room, changing plumbing to install a rain shower head and faucets that come directly out of the wall, or tiling interesting architecture pieces, using the unique characteristics of your room can give it a whole new lease on life.

Completed Bathroom Remodel

At One Week Bath, we try to create luxury for every customer. Every room in your house deserves a little elegance and this room is one you use every day.