More Than Just Bathrooms

The One Week Bath process delivers an unparalleled experience every time, saving our customers countless days, weeks and even months of design and construction inconvenience, unlike any other construction model.

Quik Kitchen Program

The Quik Kitchen Program applies the same important principles that have made One Week Bath’s bathroom remodeling program so successful in meeting client needs:

  • An easy and informative design and budgeting process bringing expert design and budget management to the table.
  • An accelerated, organized, and professional installation process that minimizes disruption to the client’s home and gets them their newly remodeled operational kitchen back as soon as possible.
  • Identification of high quality products for the best price…value for the dollar.
  • A fixed priced arrangement, eliminating pesky change orders and cost overruns.

Here’s How It Works:

It starts with a Free Consultation Call that outlines the process for the client, identifies the project needs and establishes a potential ballpark budget. The key is to be certain that the clients’ needs can be met within budget parameters that the client is comfortable with. This eliminates wasting the client’s time designing a project that is beyond the comfort level of the client and resulting in disappointment.

With an understanding of the project and an established budget, a Design Agreement is signed. In contrast to the One Week Bath system, the design process requires more time and effort as the specifics of layout are more intense. This is the reason for the Design Agreement. The entire design fee is credited back to the client upon execution of the contract to build the kitchen. Once the Design Agreement is executed, the design begins.

  • Meeting 1: The first design meeting’s goals are to a) measure the kitchen space and photo document the existing, b) discuss and determine best layout of space, location of appliances and fixtures and c) Select cabinet door style and color, select counter and splash material direction, select flooring direction, discuss electrical and determine general flavor of the kitchen.
  • Meeting 1 Follow-up: Following the meeting, our Design Team will input the dimensions into CAD, determine the best cabinet layout, generate preliminary drawings including floor plan, elevations and perspective drawings so that the client can see and comment on the design. These are sent to the client for review via email. The cost is checked to be certain the budget is on the right path. The client is encouraged to shop their appliances and our staff is available to comment on decisions. Clients typically purchase their own appliances.
  • Meeting 2: The second design meeting is very similar to the One Week Bath design meeting where flooring, counter, splash, fixture and misc details are finalized and the final price is determined. A contract is signed and the project moves into the final phase of design.
  • Meeting 2 Follow-up: Any changes to the drawings are completed and sent to the client for approval prior to cabinet order.

Quik Kitchen Project Construction

The construction of the Quik Kitchen project is similar in many ways and different in a few. The kitchen project is installed and managed by our team. However, due to the complex nature of the counter tops and cabinetry, our team includes a cabinet installation specialist and a counter top installation specialist.

The timing of the kitchen is rapid and there are some gaps in construction due to fabrication time of countertops. Typically, the first week our team will demolish the kitchen, update the electrical and plumbing, repair the walls, install the flooring and install the cabinets. Templates for the countertops are then taken and the fabrication of the tops begins. Our team may paint the kitchen during the week the tops are being fabricated but typically there will not be work taking place until the counters are complete and installed.

Once the counters are installed, the splash can be completed and week three is completion week with electrical, plumbing and appliances completing the finished kitchen.