Modern Design | The Mod Generation 1960's WallpaperAlthough we rarely use wallpapers in our bathroom remodeling projects, we recently came across a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that took our breath away with the fine art wallpapers that they create. We felt that we had to share them with you!

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers was established in 1979, based on the idea of recreating the exquisite papered interiors of the Victorian Era. Inspired by the greats of the mid-19th century such as William Morris and Christopher Dresser and propelled by a need for period-piece design, Bradbury & Bradbury began building its collections which now include design styles from 1860 – 1960.

Bradbury & Bradbury | William Morris St. James Print“We are often inspired first of all, by the wonderful wallpaper designers and patterns of times past.  Wallpaper had been considered a serious art form and very respected decorating medium as early as the 1830s, and rightly so,” says Stephen Bauer, Owner and Artistic Director of Bradbury & Bradbury. “Anyone who has seen what the French were producing during the first half of the 19th century and what the British produced during the latter half couldn’t help but be amazed at how imaginative and effective designers had become at using paper to transform interiors into breathtaking showplaces of status and refined taste.  We also look at the natural world as well for inspiration, bringing the harmonies of color and the quiet repose of gardens inside.”

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