From an article in Angie’s List.


So, you want to remodel your bathroom, but you have no idea how much to budget. Your cousin did it for $8,000, but she started in May and barely finished in time to host Thanksgiving. Your neighbor said he did it himself for $5,000, but you’re pretty sure that ended up closer to $10,000 once he reordered the right fixtures and repaired the leaky pipes he didn’t know existed.

The bottom line — many factors go into the final price of a remodel. So we asked Elizabeth Bryan, director of design for One Week Bath in Los Angeles, to help us get to the bottom line.

ALBathrooms were the No. 2 project on our members’ to-do list this year. What’s the best way to get a handle on how much it’s going to cost?

Elizabeth: I get that question a lot, and the first thing to consider is not, “How much does it cost?” But rather, “What do you feel comfortable spending?” and, “How valuable is your time?”

ALDoes size really matter?

Elizabeth: Yes! The larger the bathroom, the more materials and labor required. If your budget is tight, you can get really creative within the confines of the existing space by using items like decorative liners, paint choices and interesting mirrors.

ALWhat else affects the cost?

Elizabeth: Product selection. With so many choices, like marble or granite, prefab or custom cabinets, the $150 toilet or the $900 toilet can make or break your budget. Be sure that whatever you purchase comes from someone reputable and warranties are in place. A leaky toilet that causes damage and is not under warranty can cost you much more than the $100 you saved.


Another is complexity of design. Are you moving fixtures? Increasing the size of the bathroom? Adding a door? Changing a soffit? Be sure your contractor includes these costs in the pricing.

And don’t forget about dumpsters (average $330 per week); port-o-potties ($160 per week) and permits (which can range from $400 – $1,000, depending on the contractor and the city).

ALWhat’s the average duration of a bathroom remodel?

Elizabeth: Four to six weeks, which can cause a major disruption to daily life if you’re not prepared. Ideally your home has a second bathroom the family can use. If not, consider asking a neighbor.


ALWhat are the biggest trends in bathroom remodels right now?

Elizabeth: Something that’s really popular is freestanding or furniture-style cabinets, which will make your bathroom feel more like a contemporary living space. You can also get a designer look by incorporating decorative, framed mirrors. For the floor, get the high-end look of stone tile by using new porcelain or ceramic choices that mimic natural stone without any of the maintenance headaches.

ALWhat trends are going by the wayside?

Elizabeth: Built-in vanities and full-length wall mirrors!