This is a question we get all the time. “I hate maintenance, I don’t want to maintain, I don’t want to have to clean all the time, I don’t want dust in all the crevices and whatnot, I hate grout etc. etc”. Here are some tips for easier cleaning bathrooms:


Let’s start with the ground up first. Let’s start with the tile. You’re going to want to gravitate toward larger format tiles, 12 x 12, and 12 x 24 sizes, or larger, rather than a bunch of smaller tiles on the floor. That will minimize your grout joints. Also, you may want to gravitate towards porcelain tiles that can be put closer together, which will minimize the need for wider grout joints.  Within grout selection, there are many different types of grout. We use a very high-quality grout that has built in sealers are mildew resistant and other dirt resistant properties built into them.  With some of the older grouts and less expensive grouts, you’ll have to seal them all the time and there are grouts out there that do not require consistent sealing. So that’s where you want to start with in terms of the floor.


The next piece of the puzzle is your Cabinetry. You don’t want a bunch of nooks and crannies. You don’t want an overly busy door style that’s going to collect a bunch of dust that you’ll need to take a cue tip and go through all the grooves and clean. So, often times people who prefer easy clean will do a flat slab door with a nice piece of hardware on it so they can just wipe down the cabinet doors.


Moving on up to the countertop, natural stone is going to be harder to take care of than a quartz product. There are many really wonderful quartz products out there. They have lifetime warranties. They are easy clean.  They don’t stain and many of them can look like natural stone as well, if that’s what you’re gravitating to. Make sure that you put that sink under the counter rather than on top of the counter so you’re not creating some extra crevices. This makes it easier just to just wipe everything right into the sink.

Shower Door

For the shower door, go with a frameless type shower door that has minimal amount of metal. The metal will likely collect a lot of dirt and make for difficult cleaning. While you’re going to end up with more glass, it does make sense to have less metal because the glass is easier to wipe down than the metal.


Then finally, we like to use an eggshell paint on the walls, which is actually a washable flat paint. It can be simply wiped down and it doesn’t have the glossy shiny finish of the semi-gloss or high gloss paint which doesn’t look quite as good in the bathroom.  The eggshell allows you to wipe things down AND looks great.

One Week Bath

So those are some simple tips on how to build a bathroom that’s easier to clean and maintain. There are even more tips that we’d be happy to share with you. For details on our custom design bathroom services and process, visit our frequently asked questions.