Keep your bathroom design kid friendly with these fun extra touches!

baby in tubFall is just shy of officially arriving and the kids are back in school. At One Week Bath, we often have clients who want to design their bathrooms with their children in mind. But we also find that a lot of people want to maintain flexibility in their bathroom design so that it can evolve as their children do.

Here are some fun bathroom accessories that help turn your bathroom into a fun place for the kids, too!

Tub Spout Covers
From elephants to crocodiles to aliens, you can find tub spout covers in a million varieties. Pick one to match the theme that you’re going for in your bathroom. Little do the kids know, you get the added bonus of resting a little easier knowing that this fun accessory helps to keep your kids safe, too.

Another thing to remember is that changing the paint color of a bathroom is a relatively easy, affordable, and effective way to change the feel of the entire bathroom

Nothing says bath time fun than bubbles! Mr. Bubble has been an American favorite for 50 years now. They have a great variety of bubble-inducing products including their newest addition, the Fizzy Bubble Bomb which adds bubbles and colors your bath water!
Take bubbles to the next level with this Tub Time Bubble Maker!

Bath Crayons
Your kids will never turn down the opportunity to get permission to draw on the walls! Crayola makes a great variety of bath time products including bathtub crayons for drawing on the walls and their Body Doodler Set for drawing on yourself! When bath time is over, everything just washes down the drain.

Safety Tubs
When we hear the word “safety,” we often imagine sterile, boring, and institutional. These bathtub inserts are anything BUT those things. Turn your bathtub into a princess castle or a firetruck without having to remove your existing tub.


What are some of your favorite kids bathroom accessories, toys, and design ideas? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!