A pedestal sink is a classic piece of bathroom furniture that can act as a centerpiece for bathrooms of various sizes and styles. Since pedestal sinks take up very little room, they can help to open up the visual space in a small traditional style bathroom, whereas in a large modern bathroom, a pedestal sink can make a bold statement and add a visual allure to the space. See four examples below of pedestal sinks we’ve installed in bathrooms around Southern California.


1. This transitional style design (from bathroom # 89) incorporates a few modern and traditional elements that contribute to a very chic look with creative contrasting elements. The pedestal sink in this bathroom is oval shaped, and it is paired with a rectangular faucet with sharp edges. The bright green wall tile in the shower adds a pop of color in this room, but the white porcelain sink and toilet match the shower floor tile, making these elements complementary. The dark wood grain tile on the floor contrasts these bright colors in the space, helping to make the white pedestal sink one of the main focal points in the bathroom.


2. One common sacrifice with a pedestal sink is counter space, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. This pedestal sink (from bathroom #88) includes plenty of counter space thanks to the rectangular countertops on both sides of the sink. This modern bathroom takes advantage of cool blue and purple hues in the lighting and shower tile, and the eclectic look of this sink adds to the modern atmosphere of the room.


3. In this traditional bathroom (bathroom #84), the rectangular pedestal sink fits in with the classic style of the room. The decorative edges on the cabinet, the molding, and the door frame all complement the detailed edges on the sink. This shot also illustrates how a pedestal sink can create space in an otherwise small bathroom, with the small trashcan and shelving unit fitting beneath the sink.


4. This final example (from bathroom #31)  shows why pedestal sinks are a favorite in small bathrooms. This particular bathroom (bathroom #31) was designed for two young daughters who wanted a bathroom they could call their own, and the vintage design and pink color scheme of this room fit their personalities. The small pedestal sink pairs with the vintage toilet in this space, and the pedestal design provides room for towels to be stored beneath the sink. The sink complements the vintage look of this room, making this Jack-and-Jill bathroom a fantastic complement to their bedrooms.
We always use our clients’ input when deciding how to redesign a bathroom, and our in-depth design meeting helps us work with each and every client so we can find out if a pedestal sink is right for your preferences and needs. Check out the rest of our bathroom designs, and please contact us if you’d like more information about our all-inclusive design-build process.