Featured Remodel: Minimal Space, Maximum Comfort

Hydro Systems Bathtub | SydneyWhen this Los Angeles client came to us to remodel their bathroom, they wanted a modern looking space with clean lines. But above all else, their top priority was to get the very most they could out of their floor plan so that they could have a tub deep enough to soak in.

At just 41.8 square feet, we didn’t have a lot of room to work with, but we love a challenge so we went on the hunt for the perfect tub. We were quite happy when we came across the Sydney by Hydro Systems. The Sydney is a rectangular tub that comes in a variety of lengths and widths to suit the available space in your bathroom. One of the perks of this product is that it has a standard depth of 22 inches which exceeds the “standard” for tub height by almost half a foot. The clean lines and rectangular nature of the design fit right in line with the style our client was looking for.

To compliment the lines of the tub, we selected a Kohler pedestal sink and chrome Moen hardware for the tub/shower combination and sink faucet. The Kohler Reve Collection and Moen’s 90 Degree Bathroom Collection both boast clean, square lines and a minimalist, modern look.

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