Whether you want a comfortable place to rest while you shave, or a sturdy seat for bathing safely, a shower seat can make your shower experience easier. Check out four examples below of shower seats we’ve installed that have added more spa-like functionality to these homes.

1. As part of a universal design remodel, this particular bathroom (bathroom #53) was equipped with a shower seat and grab bars to help the client age in place. This walk-in design features a relaxing shower seat and a refreshing outdoor view. Everything about this design exemplifies ease.


2. A shower seat does not have to take up a lot of room. In many cases, a shower seat is an alternative to a bathtub, allowing for relaxation without a bulky and often unused bathtub. This shower (from bathroom #59) is an elegant example of how we can make a shower seat work almost any space.


3. This enclosed shower (in bathroom #81) uses a shower seat to make the space much more inviting. This shower utilizes clear pane glass, allowing this enclosed shower act as an expansion of the rest of the bathroom, and the shower seat makes it a cozy escape.


4. Our final shower seat example (in bathroom #82)  is more than a relaxing refuge…it’s a universal design built for all-access use. This client had limited mobility, and the entire shower space was reimagined, complete with safety bars, a shower seat, and a curbless entry, enabling wheelchair access.


We always use our clients’ input when deciding how to redesign a shower space, and our in depth design meeting helps us work with each and every client so we can find out if a shower seat is right for your preferences and needs. Check out the rest of our bathroom designs, and feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about our all-inclusive design-build process.