Bathtubs are no longer confined to stark white enamel on cast iron. Today, you can find tubs created in materials, colors, shapes, textures and designs that are out of this world! Here is just a small sampling of innovative bathtubs to get your bathroom design inspiration flowing.

Blue Glass Bathtub by Regia

Bold Color

This glass tub from Italian bath fixture & furniture desinger, Regia, is a perfect example of the new wave in bathtub design.

A blast of color and a unique material in your bathroom can make a big statement in the overall design.



Stone Forest | Round Stone Bathtub

Organic Texture

Stone Forest, a New Mexico-based company, uses nature for its inspiration. Playing on organic shapes and textures for their creations, their tubs look to have been plucked straight out of the forest. Their Round bathtub is available in black granite, carrara marble, and travertino romano as seen to right.

Organic elements such as stone and wood can set the tone for the room and soften a space.




Spiritual Mode | Japanese Style Tub | UtuwaUnique Shape

Step outside the box and choose an unconventional shape for your bathtub to create visual interest in your bathroom.

This bathtub by Spiritual Mode whose tag line is “for excitement and relaxation.”



Where do you look to find design inspiration?