If you’re exploring the idea of remodeling your bathroom and including a bidet, you have a few options. Which one is going to work best for your bathroom, though?


The answer will depend in large part on your preferences and priorities. What are your options when it comes to bidets, bidet seats, and all-in-one toilets? There are primarily three types:

  • Bidet standalones
  • Bidet seat attachments
  • All-In-One unit

Bidet Standalones

The standalone bidet is a traditional self-contained method with a  separate unit that’s placed next to a toilet. Since its only function is to wash after using the bathroom, you don’t need a power source to operate it. This method requires a water line connection, drain, and of course, space. A bidet can add a touch of elegance if you have a larger bathroom and plenty of space to accommodate the unit. Unit Cost: $1,000 – $2,000

Bidet Seats

The bidet seat replaces the existing toilet seat and attaches to the toilet.  There is a myriad of bidet seats with plenty of fun and functional features, such as heated water jet sprayers, heated seats, warm-air dryers, and lights, to name a few.  Of course, most of these are electric and will need to be connected to a power source, so be sure to keep that in mind when considering this type of bidet. 

Another thing to consider is what shape of toilet bowl you have.  Most bidet seats can attach to a standard toilet, but if you have an elongated toilet bowl, you’ll want to be sure to find a bidet seat that’s made to fit that better than one that’s more rounded. 

Some brands such as TOTO, have combinations where the toilet is built to have a bidet seat fit seamlessly, and supplies the water for it differently than a standard toilet would.  Some people may feel that having your bidet seat on your toilet or your all-in-one bidet toilet is not as hygienic, but these units are designed to be very hygienic, made with extremely smooth materials that clean very well. These units will require a 110 outlet as a power source and usually come with a wall-mounted control system and remote control to switch between functions. Unit Cost: $200-$1,000

All-In-One Units

Next, the most stylistic and most expensive — the all-in-one unit. The all-in-one units contain everything from a built-in washing system, heated lift seats, water temperature/pressure control, drying, and lights. From a stylistic perspective, they’re low profile and have a very modern vibe to them. They take up less space because they are one piece and don’t have a separate tank.

All-in-one units and bidet seats have become very popular in comparison to the traditional bidet, for a good reason.  The consolidated units take up less space, leaving room for things like extra storage or a linen cabinet. Unit Cost: $2,500-$6,000

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