Asking Matt Plaskoff: What do I need to know about buying a new toilet?

Question #1: Do you want a comfort-height toilet?

For most the answer is yes, especially if you don’t currently have a comfort-height toilet in your home.  While most regular toilet seats are less than 16” high, with the majority in the 14-15” range, comfort-height toilets are between 17-19” tall.  Besides often being compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards, comfort-height toilets are ideal for someone with a disability, knee issues, is tall, or anyone who just wants to shorten the distance when standing back up again. The flip side would be in consideration of small children where a higher toilet may not be the best choice.  That’s why variety in the home is always good, and again if you don’t already have at least one comfort-height toilet in the house it’s a great investment!

Question #2: Elongated- or round-bowl toilet?

This really comes down to the room you have to work with.  Of course everyone has their preference, but if you ask me, elongated bowls are the way to go.  They look sleeker, are more comfortable, and more and more are becoming the norm.  The only real downside, other than if you just don’t like how they look, is that they tend to utilize more space in the bathroom.  However, there are some compact elongated units that take up the same space as a standard round front unit.  Also wall-hung toilets are a great option if you’re dealing with a smaller space.  So all things considered I recommend going with an elongated bowl.

Question #3: What style toilet are you interested in?

In other words, how do you want your toilet to fit into the overall style of your bathroom?

I have done some very interesting bathrooms over the years. Toilets can differ in terms of their trim, molding, color, whether they are more square or smooth, and a multitude of other factors. For many, a toilet is just there to serve its primary function and the owner will tend to stay with something basic. That said, if your bathroom needs to fit a distinctive style or motif, a stylized toilet might be the way to go.  There are lots of options and we would love to help you find something that is a perfect fit!

– Matt Plaskoff

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