Small bathrooms can make your design options seem limited. From the color paint you use to the storage and shower options you pick, there are many clever bathroom design ideas to turn your small bathroom into a highly functional and practical room. In fact, there are many affordable choices to make the most of minimal space.

Storage Options


When you have limited space, finding room for storage is a challenge. But you don’t have to stuff everything you own into tight cabinets. Open shelving can be efficiently utilized, but here are some other effective storage ideas:

  • Floating shelves, which mount flush to the wall
  • Sink skirts to create hidden storage under the pedestal
  • Storage ladders for containers
  • Stacked wooden crates
  • Floor-to-ceiling toilet paper storage
  • Step stools with storage for soaps and bath products
  • Storage racks inside vanity doors

Functionality and storage go hand-in-hand. You can put the hamper under the sink, use stackable baskets under cabinets, or store personal products rather than leave them out on the counter.


A glass walk-in shower enclosure has many benefits. It provides a view of the entire room from the entryway, so the room seems open and airy. A shower with a non-standard shape can open up the room too. However, there are other ways to use glass, such as adding a window to bring in daylight or a mirror to create an illusion of more space.


Bathroom furnishings range from compact vanities to creative ideas like repurposed wine barrels, which can hold toiletries and cleaning products. Shelving can include floating shelves as well as built-in units to make furniture and other installations more space-efficient. If space is very limited, try a wall-mounted under-sink storage unit. You can certainly find room for your towels and toiletries here.


Other furniture ideas for small bathroom remodeling include:

  • Vanity drawer storage for small items like makeup
  • Flush-mount, recessed medicine cabinets
  • Cube shelving units for the essentials
  • Wall-mounted magazine racks
  • Cabinets configured for long, narrow bathrooms
  • Vessel sinks, which are unique and compact


It’s easy to start feeling claustrophobic in small bathrooms. The colors you choose are crucial for creating a calming atmosphere. A neutral color palette works best, along with textures and patterns that feature neutral tones.

Off-whites, grays, beiges, and cream colors in combinations can add depth to the room, so don’t be afraid to be creative. Even throw in some black, blue, or red accents to add some flair.

Color doesn’t only have to be displayed with paint. It can be showcased with bathroom tile, rugs, hand towels, and bathrobes. Soap dishes and other accessories can add to the ambiance as well. Accent colors can be painted on door and mirror frames or the wall trim.

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