by Matt Plaskoff

I’ve found that the only way to truly understand what happens in the outside world is to go out into the outside world. For this reason, I often leave my desk and apply my 25 years of experience to meeting with clients and designing bathrooms. Because I love helping people achieve their dreams, it can also be a lot of fun!

I was fortunate to draw Melvina Starks from the hundreds of folks that call each month. After our initial phone conversation, I made an appointment to meet her and see her bathroom. At the time, she was extremely busy getting ready for her daughter’s wedding on top of work commitments that required frequent traveling. Melvina had only one bathroom in her home, and no free time to run around trying to piece together all the moving parts required for a full remodel. Out-of-town guests were arriving and the bathroom needed to be done.

Before and after remodel photos

We had a blast designing her bathroom…it was a fairly small room, but it did have a separate tub and shower area that Melvina wanted to maintain. The design goal was to achieve a light, airy, open feeling, so we gravitated toward white tiles and cabinets with light colors on the walls. The finished bathroom looks amazingly spacious and fresh…just as Melvina and I had hoped.

Bath tub and showerAfter the construction was completed, I visited Melvina to see the bathroom and make sure she was completely satisfied. She shared with me that during demolition, our team had found an unexpected leak that had apparently been there for quite some time. She was so impressed with the way our team jumped on the repair without hesitation and took all the worry away from her. It gave her total peace of mind that things were being handled with skill and integrity, so she could focus on her job and wedding preparations.

Designer faucetWhat I learned: time is critical for our clients. I was lucky to capture three hours of Melvina’s time to help design her bathroom. I can’t imagine her trying to get this done on her own, running from store to store or staying home from work for weeks on end as crews came and went, hoping it would all work out. Our solution worked very well for Melvina and I was happy we could help.

Matt Plaskoff is the Founder and CEO of One Week Bath.

Featured Bath of the Month

by Melvina Starks

Melvina Starks hired One Week Bath to redesign her bathWith a full-time job, my daughter’s wedding around the corner and only one bathroom in my house, the pressure was on to get my bathroom done. I had been shopping around for a long time, and One Week Bath was the only company that understood my timing, had a great variety of products, and also had wonderful testimonials on their website. I really had to trust One Week Bath with the most important event in my daughter’s life.

One Week Bath was totally efficient and honest. The crews were wonderful and did an excellent job. I really liked how they explained everything, step-by-step all along the way. For anyone looking for integrity in construction, THIS is the company. Matt Plaskoff is the best guy around; I’ve referred him to all of my friends and everyone loves my bathroom. I’m happy that my new bathroom also adds value to my home!

Melvina Starks is the Account Executive for “Magic”, one of the largest apparel trade shows in the world. She lives in her circa 1955 Spanish style two bedroom, one bathroom home.