I never thought I’d be grateful about a vehicle hitting our tree, but when the One Week Bath truck drove down our block after finishing our neighbor’s bathroom, it knocked down some branches that were jutting out into the street and should have been taken down before – and, we learned about One Week Bath! When we realized OWB had worked in our neighborhood, we were excited to see the bathrooms they had built. The minute we saw our neighbor’s bathroom, we were so impressed by the work, the system and organization.

I’d heard so many contracting horror stories, and was really worried that I’d end up with contractors living with me for a year who would do shoddy work. From our neighbor’s experience, I knew One Week Bath would be the best choice for us – and I was right!

Newly installed bath tub

From the moment we called, the service was A-plus. Matt answered all of my questions, and I felt totally comfortable. It was clear that everyone knew what they were doing and that I wouldn’t have any problems. I immediately knew I wanted to go forward, and the next step was our in-home design meeting. I had been looking online so I had some ideas about what I wanted. I was really impressed that Matt was willing to let me play around with designing. His goal was to help me get exactly what I wanted, based on the “feeling” I was trying to achieve. There was a great product selection, and if there was something that I wanted that Matt didn’t have as a sample, I knew he would get it for me. We were doing my husband’s bathroom as well, and both just evolved and came together in a wonderful way.

Overall it was a great experience and the crew was fantastic – they were all very polite and clearly knew exactly what to do. I really looked forward to waking up and seeing the same faces every day; that really took away any fears I’d had about having strangers in my home. There was such camaraderie – we’d all have lunch together, and I felt like they were part of my family. I had such a great time; I was actually sad to see them go!

My goal was to be “wowed” every time I walked in my bathroom – I wanted it to be functional but incredibly beautiful. I wanted to sit in my soaking tub and light candles and have it be very “Zen,” like a spa at my house. And that is definitely the feeling I get. The bathroom was so hideous before and now it’s amazing, with an organic, natural feel that I love. Whenever I’m in there, I feel so pampered that I want to just stay in that space. If I’ve I have had a hard day, I dim the lights, and all my troubles go away – it’s wonderful! I never had anything like this before, and I’m so grateful.

Exotic bath sink and faucet

My overall experience with One Week Bath was fantastic – they got the job done on time, they were totally professional, the work was fabulous and customer service was great. I have no worries with OWB because I totally trust them. It’s clear how much they care about the customer, which is so unusual in this business. Working with Matt was also really special; his knowledge and expertise gave me total confidence from start to finish. If I had another bathroom I’d be calling One Week Bath again!

Loree McIntire

Matt Plaskoff, CEO:

Loree and Byron McIntire were so much fun to work with. In fact, Byron, the President of a technology company, sent me a before picture (I later found out it was out of a magazine) that was so stunning I thought to myself it had to be a joke. It was!

Byron’s humor was only matched by his wife, Loree’s, kindness. I can remember the day Brian, our VP of Operations, showed up at the house to find the crew sitting at the dining table with Loree eating shrimp with pasta that she had prepared. PS-Loree owned a bakery and I’m certain lunch was outstanding.

When the client is willing to go out on a limb, using unique materials like a granite sink, copper tub and pebble wall tile, the results are nothing short of amazing. Like all projects, this one was not without challenge. Loree had a small 9’6” by 9’ bathroom that contained a standard tub, toilet and vanity. What she really wanted was a separate tub and separate shower to achieve an open zen feel, but saw no way to fit all that she desired without making it feel cramped. We manipulated the space ten different ways until we came up with the optimal layout. We hunted fixtures together and the finishes were unique and beautiful. It was so much fun watching Loree light up when each piece to the puzzle fell into place and the space was finished.

Once done with Loree’s design, we moved into Byron’s bath. A large shower was the order of the day there. The old walled off cave shower was opened up and the bathroom felt twice as big.

We are very grateful to have been able to work with such incredible people and create such unique spaces for them. They, and their new spaces, are one of a kind!

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