Bathroom Bliss: A Path to Serenity via a Stress-Free Remodeling Process

Seeing the One Week Bath trailer in their neighborhood gave K. and her husband hope that they might be able to update their bathroom without the disruption and stress they’d experienced with past remodeling projects. The couple had redone their master bathroom over 20 years ago, and the tile, dark grout and vanity that were fashionable in the 80s were no longer appealing. They wanted a bathroom with a more contemporary look and spa-like ambiance that reflected an aura of respite and calm.

As much as they were excited to modernize the space, the hassle of going through the remodeling process was off-putting. After seeing the trailer at a home down the street, K. went online and learned more about One Week Bath’s approach. She was impressed by what she saw, and even more so when she had the opportunity to speak to Matt Plaskoff. During the conversation, Matt was able to answer all of her questions and offer some innovative ideas on how to create the rejuvenating environment they envisioned.

The couple scheduled an onsite planning meeting with Matt and the support team, where the entire bathroom design came to fruition. “I was amazed at how organized they were and all of the choices they offered,” says K.. “It took five hours, but we got everything picked out. It was one stop shopping.”

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Finding Peace of Mind in a Construction Zone

Like many homeowners, the couple also had some concerns about who would be coming in and out of their home during the project. “We didn’t want to be leaving the house unlocked with people we didn’t trust,” explains K. That initial apprehension was soon put to rest. “I absolutely adored the team that did the job,” says K. “They were so respectful of us and our space. Not just the room they were working in—they protected everything in the house.”

When the last speck of dust was cleared away, the bathroom had undergone a dramatic transformation. “We changed just about everything except for the tub. We kept the Jacuzzi tub, but added a new stone surround instead of tile,” says K.. “We now have to separate vanities and lots and lots of storage space. It’s functional and beautiful.”

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While having her own sink and vanity is delightful, K.’s favorite part of the make-over is the shower. “I am in love with the shower floor. It’s pebbled, and it really makes you feel like you’re at a spa.”

“I would highly recommend One Week Bath,” she adds. “Every person we worked with was wonderful, and it was not in the least bit distressing. We were never uncomfortable during the process, and we’re really pleased with the results.”