Hi, it’s Matt Plaskoff from One Week Bath with another edition in our series of short videos on bathroom design, product selection, and remodeling. Today I’d like to talk about getting a healthy return on your investment for a bathroom remodeling project in Los Angeles.


If you are remodeling your bathroom but still intend to live in the home, then the obvious return on your investment is a beautiful new space. However, if you are thinking about selling the property down the road, then that’s another situation. I’m asked all of the time, “How much will I get back on my remodeling project?” “What makes sense for me to put in the home from an investment perspective?”  And while I’m not a realtor or financial analyst, there has been data released in Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report that will give you a sense of what you can expect.


When thinking about selling, many homeowners consider remodeling areas of the home that might need a pre-list facelift. Remodeling a bathroom before you resell can really help attract more buyers. However, getting every dollar invested back at the time of resale is not always guaranteed. How much your remodel costs will be based on a few different things.

  • The professional you hire
  • The materials you use
  • The size and scope of your bathroom remodeling project

For 2019 the report indicated that a mid-range bathroom remodel in Los Angeles will recoup a whopping 94.5% of your costs. You can download the study from Remodeling Magazine’s website.

Since the stats change every year, it’s definitely worth checking them out when you’re ready to begin your remodel. Not only will it share the ballpark ROI numbers, but it will also give you a realistic average for the project you are undertaking.

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