Our 2000th Bathroom Remodel: The Story Behind The Project

One Week Bath just commemorated a significant milestone in the remodeling industry – it performed its 2000th bathroom remodel.

The company did this in a meaningful fashion by donating three bathroom remodels to Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. The donation included a full remodel of the two main public restrooms and the sole staff restroom.

“We wanted to do something special to commemorate the achievement and make a donation that would have a big impact. When we called Heal the Bay and learned that the public restrooms of the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium needed help, we knew we found a great recipient,” said Matt Plaskoff.

The project was an incredible success – not only for the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, who received three amazing new bathrooms, but it was a really great experience for the crew of One Week Bath, who volunteered their time to do something special.

We produced the video above to tell the story and we hope you enjoy it. We invite your questions or comments below. If you have any ideas of how we should celebrate our 3000th bathroom remodel, we’re happy to take your suggestions now!

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