A Letter from Matt Plaskoff

Dear Homeowner,

There is nothing easy about bathroom remodeling. It’s one of the smallest spaces in the home, yet it demands the greatest amount of detail and attention. The bathroom is an area of construction where size doesn’t translate to ease, cost or speed; in fact, its complexity is measured in details and systems, not square feet.

Why am I qualified to make that statement? In one way or another, I’ve been involved in over 3700 bathroom remodels since I started my career over 30 years ago. Some of those projects were routine, and some were the height of complexity, precision and pressure.

I feel enormously fortunate that for over 3 decades, I ran a very successful Los Angeles construction company and design group – Plaskoff Construction. I’m also blessed to have served as the Lead Construction Consultant for ABC’s most successful hit prime-time remodeling TV show of all time – Extreme Makeover Home Edition. However, even with all of that amazing opportunity behind me, the bulk of my most valuable professional experience has been as the Owner and Operator of One Week Bath.


I knew that if I was going to make One Week Bath a success, I was going to have to come up with a way to eliminate the common problems associated with construction.

I had a vision to bring an overall enjoyment to the process, and not just for the customer – but for me. Let’s face it, it’s hard to motivate for work every day when you’re forever dealing with problems, flaky people, inconsistent suppliers, defective products… and excuses.

My thought was – if I just could eliminate the excuses and obstacles in the process, my job would be fun.

I was right.


When it came to One Week Bath, I took everything I learned from my experiences… million dollar mansions to humble abodes, to create a new approach to remodeling. One Week Bath started in 2000 and has been a success story since our very first customer. It’s a company that was founded on innovation and reinvention, making great results and overall customer satisfaction the priority. I am happy to report our success continues to be measured by each and every new project.

Since 2000, we’ve designed and remodeled thousands of custom bathrooms. Our process provides everyone involved in the project a sense of accomplishment. Our customers have an easy and enjoyable end-to-end remodeling experience, and our staff takes pride in a job well done – every day.

I invite you to experience the One Week Bath difference!

Matt Plaskoff