Michelle and her husband George have lived in a beautiful 1920s home in Pasadena since 2008. A previous owner had added a bathroom in the 1980s, which looked very dated by 2013, and the couple was ready for a change.

Michelle had a friend who had used One Week Bath and spoke highly of the experience, so when it was time to remodel the master bathroom, Michelle called One Week Bath.


George had some doubts about the company’s ability to remodel the entire bathroom in such a short time frame. His concerns were slightly assuaged when he looked at the company website and read reviews from One Week Bath clients attesting to the quick process. What really sealed the deal was when Michelle and George showed the quote to their next door neighbor, a general contractor. “He said that no one could compete with the One Week Bath quote,” explains Michelle. “The fact that you get the design, demolition, permits and construction for that price and in that time frame—there was no way anyone could match it.”

The Design

The coupled worked with One Week Bath Bathroom Design Specialist, Sarah Keane, to create the bathroom design. “She had me look at bathrooms on the website to get a feel for what I liked,” says Michelle. Then Sarah and a bath design assistant came to the house on a Saturday afternoon.

“They had all of the material and finish samples for us to look at, and it was really fun to work out exactly what we wanted,” says Michelle. “It took about 4 hours and we designed a whole bathroom together.”

The bathroom is long and narrow, and there was a very large bathtub with a wide edge horizontal edge surrounding it. Because the house had another bathroom with a bathtub, the couple decided to remove the tub and replace it with an expansive shower with a double shower head.

“I love the shower,” says Michelle. “It has the most beautiful, airy feeling when you’re in there.”


Although she didn’t have an exact color scheme in mind, she knew she wanted something light and bright. “The black and white color scheme came about during the design process,” says Michelle. “Sarah recommended the line of tile through the shower. This added a really nice accent and helps tie all of the elements together.”

The Process

Having been through previous home remodeling projects, Michelle was counting on One Week Bath to provide a different experience. “The process was actually fun,” says Michelle.” I couldn’t believe how they had everything here ready to go. They put all of the pieces in the back yard and then moved them in one by one and built the bathroom.”


Michelle also enjoyed posting about the bathroom construction project on Facebook. “I started documenting the process,” she explains. “I took pictures every day and posted that it was only going to take a week. I got all of these responses from people telling me that it couldn’t happen—that their bathroom had taken three weeks and still wasn’t finished.” Although the project lasted eight days, when it was complete, none of her Facebook friends said anything except how great it looked.


“It’s been nine months since the remodel and we just love our bathroom,” says Michelle. “I’ve referred people to the company, and I can’t say enough good things about working with One Week Bath.”